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zondag, maart 20


I still have to study a lot so... only one small message today...
!!! Happy Birthday Hannelore !!!

zaterdag, maart 19

Fast Food Nation

Because of our English exam, I had to read the book 'Fast Food Nation' by Schlosser. Lucky students as we are, we only had to read 80 pages of it, but still I didn't feel like reading the book. Finally I started and I couldn't believe it myself but I only read 2 pages when I got interested in the book. Fast food nation is about what the all American meal is doing to the world, so you've got the history of McDonalds in it, the consequences and much more. Because I'm against fast food, I really liked the book and I'll give you some unbelievable figures, 'joy!

At this moment, McDonalds has 30.000 restaurants worldwide and each year they open about 2.000 new restaurants, that means more then 5 new each day! McDonalds is the worlds biggest consumer of pork and potatoes, for chicken, they end at the second place. Surprisingly, they are also one of the biggest for toys!! At any given day, about one quarter of the American adult population visits a fast food restaurant and one person out of 8 ever worked in a fast food restaurant, no matter how long nor it was a students job. Every year, 10 billion (BILLION!!!) dollars of the American Gross Domestic Product comes from the fast food industry... amazing isn't it?

The book gives a good reflection of reality, and descripes the hamburger from the first step till consumption, and everything what's behind McDonalds, really worth reading!